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Financial and Capital Markets in Brazil will obtain new levels of operating excellence through the implementation of phase two of the Post-Trade Integration Project.

With this in mind, B3 is launching a series of videos and other content about the Post-Trade Integration Project (IPN), demonstrating: the benefits of IPN; how the world’s main clearinghouses work; the new risk calculation method (CORE); and the project’s challenges. Watch our video series that includes an interview with B3’s Chief Operating Officer Cícero Augusto Vieira Neto.

This globally pioneering project will consolidate the functions of the four clearinghouses operated by B3 (equities, derivatives, government and corporate debt securities and FX), bringing a range of benefits to market participants who will have the support of a single and consolidated infrastructure for operating processes, rules and settlement windows and for the risk and collateral management system.



One of the most modern and secure risk management systems in the world

In response to regulators’ increasingly stringent requirements for operational risk control, B3 Clearinghouse has its own integrated risk calculation system, known as CORE (CloseOut Risk Evaluation).

CORE enhances the efficiency of capital allocation by calculating aggregate risk for heterogeneous portfolios comprising different types of asset , contract and collateral for both exchange and over-the-counter markets.

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Questions about the Clearinghouse Integration Project? Contact the project team:

+55 11 2565-7291 | te.ipn@bvmf.com.br